Noorani Qaida Course



Noorani qaida is the most basic step to be able to learn Quran.It is a book for the beginners to understand the Arabic verses more correctly. Our website is mostly based on focusing this pillar and is providing the basic knowledge about it through our assigned academic quran teachers. Online Noorani qaida course is an important course which helps the student to understand the Arabic words, Arabic verses, and the the basic tajweed rules. It is a comprehensive course and the most customizable course which includes first reading and memorizing the basic Arabic words and then reading portions of the verses which again is the most highlighted and important part of this course.


Noorani qaida is very easy to learn and it is very important , necessary step for those who are looking forward to learn the Holy book quran. Our online teachers will help you in a very customized way through their own experience. This course  is for any age group because there is no restriction for any age group to learn the Quran .Without knowing these basic steps of learning which are comprehended in this Noorani qaida course , one will not able to recite quran in proper ways. This course is that’s why customized so that people will of any age group will have no difficulty in reciting the quran after their noorani qaida course.


To learn Noorani qaida is the basic step for a non-Arabic person as they are unable to pronounce the word fluently so this is always helpful for them and they are able to recite the verses more fluently . Our online teachers focuses on the student in every course but in this course , their priority is that student must be able to understand the rules of tajweed and the arabic verses and words.So that they student may have a good quran reading foundation.People with different language backgrounds are unable to get hold of it that’s why this step of Noorani qaida is mostly beneficial for them.


About the advancements In the field of technology have led to a rising trend of using the devices like laptop , mobile phones for our own daily use. Now we can take lessons through these devices easily by the online quran teachers provided by the forum of this website. That’s why it is also an cost effective program in every way.
We are able to connect anywhere in the world through the service. It basically facilitates the student beneficially in every possible way. That is how we are able to keep a proper check towards the students even if they are anywhere in the world .This course of learning the Noorani qaida is the major and most important step for learning the Quran.