Learn Quran with Tajweed


Tajweed is the basic set of rules which are taught to muslims for better recitation of Quran . so that the recitor is able to recite the verses fluently and in a more improvised way. Tajweed is very important to understand and to recite in a improvised way because if a single inotation of the verse is recited in wrong way than the whole meaning is changed which is not allowed in the Arabic teaching neither it is considered as an abrupt mistake if one skips the learning of tajweed then he/she will be unable to recite Quran.


This online tajweed course provides basic flexibility in one’s ability to learn quran with tajweed in every way through our instructors by the face to face interactions of the teachers and student.Through Islamic scholars it is confirmed that if one skips the tajweed course will be unable to recite the quran. Online tajweed learning stands out mostly because under credible payments best opportunities are provided to the students through Islamic quran teachers .Our website focuses on this and gives priority to make the student satisified.


The word Tajweed means that to improvise or to make something better and reciting quran with tajweed , helps each word of the verse to enlighten and to its essential characteristics. The tajweed recitation is different for one who is an arab and one who is a non arab.The main purpose of this course is that each word is by Allah and so the recitation should be taken in a avery serious manner. Each word should be pronounced in the manner with tajweed implementation like it is required without any king of exaggeration or deficiency. This states that tajweed course is important . An online course is much better suitable with our web academy providing the basics for it in every manner.


It is an humble effort made to address the topic at a basic level. There are many benefits of Tajweed. Each of the benefits are defined and told us by the Prophet (P.B.U.H) in his ahadeeths.  When we recite the Quran with the tajweed as it tolds us by our Prophet it gives the deserving meaning and it also helps us to understand the difference in the recitation  . Each of the verse is like as it is and therefore we sould be careful about it and try to recite the quran in the best manner we can . Because the Quran is solely from Allah and each and every syllable is from Allah.