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Online Quran Academy USA one of the internationally leading Learn Quran teaching institut in USA.


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Simply Click Here which will take you to the registration page. You can register for free online Quran classes with our online Quran teachers just by filling in your name and contact information.


Schedule Free Trial

Upon receiving your registration, We will contact you back to set your convenience time for you for Free Quran Trial Classes and give you overview about our Quran teaching process.


Start Taking Your First Class

You can start free trial class via Skype, Google Meeting or Zoom. Class time is up to you.


Online Quran Teacher USA

The teachers from website offer one on one live class to you at your home. The best advantage is that the teachers teach via Skype and students are then easily able to learn through audio and video conversation. Online teachers does fulfills the requirements of teaching the students of all age groups starting from the students of young age to the adults.


Female Quran Teacher USA

Female quran teachers are mostly preferred and they are reliable in these kind of services. Female teachers are said to be better in learning and so they are said to be better in teaching because of their vivid personalities. Female’s are usually much better in reciting the quranic verses and so they are that’s why much preferred.


Learn Quran Online USA

This online tajweed course provides basic flexibility in one’s ability to learn quran with tajweed in every way through our instructors by the face to face interactions of the teachers and student.Through Islamic scholars it is confirmed that if one skips the tajweed course will be unable to recite the quran.


Online Quran Academy USA is for all the interested students who want to take classes and learn more about Islam and quran . The academy imcludes many services and these are distinguished in different programs for the learner .The academy offers the following programs : Quran Reading , Noorani Qaida, Memorizing Quran, Translation and Prayers Duas with the 6 Kalimas. You are just one step away from learning from the highly trained, qualified, dedicated male and female Quran teachers with the best experience when it comes to quran teaching.


Our program is available for the individuals of all ages without any restriction. We have the best and experienced quran teachers to identify the strengths & weaknesses of the student and be able to analyze them from the start. Quran Teachers usually analyze the credibility level of the student and are able to justify and analyze their lesson by discussing from where to start. They never recommend very first level (beginners) or any other (secondary or advance) without their major analyzation and the heed of student. The time limit required to complete the courses one by one only depends on the student’s interest and capability none of the forces must be used beacause that will only cause mismerit in the learner’s mind when the teacher Is trying to attain his interests in the courses well.


There are some major purposes behind our Online Quran Services USA :

  • To provide best learning, and recitation Quran education platform for those people who are unable to find any possible facility in their vicinity to be able to learn Quran.
  • Our professional and highly experienced qualified teachers will teach you the proper and correct way of the Holy Quran recitation with the proper rules check.
  • We expect people to show their interests and give their best to Learn to Read Quran with proper tajweed rules taught during the noorani qaida courses.
  • We made Online Quran Learning easier and more effective for the students in the world by dividing the major quran learning course into different minor courses.
  • We also have Online Quran Classes for Kids and females. So, they can learn faster within a convenient environment that will make them show their interests more vividly.
  • With our online platform, people will be able to Learn Quran Word By Word and be able to pick your own in the best way possible .


Online Quran Academy USA is mainly developed as an academy, which is basically improvised with geh vision is to deliver the best teaching and learning experience of reading the Quran with the proper tajweed Quran rules. The Academy provides you with different courses for all the Muslims and Non-arab people living in the world. Any kind of restrictions on age or gender are fully prohibited.. Our purpose is to spread the besic online Quran facilities to people who still can’t find permanent tutor for themselves. So with the help of our linguistic Quran reading capabilities, people can learn and understand the knowledge In a better way of the Quran which Allah sent to us for our benefit and was revealed to the Prophet (P.B.U.H).

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About Online Quran Academy USA

Online Quran Academy USA provides highly qualified tutors to teach Quran Pak Our priority is to satisfied the students. We are providing our Quran Pak services for all persons no age limit required. We welcome all students to join us. If you are interested to learn online Quran with us then you have to make a skype id first. We will be taken classes via Skype.